The Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) and the Ministry of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture will organize the Games General Assembly on 25 and 26 October 2017 in Gweru to evaluate the 2017 Zimbabwe National Youth and Paralympic Games editions.

The gathering will include the following dignitaries:

  • Mashonaland Central Organizing Committee (hosts of the 2017 Zimbabwe National Paralympic Games in April)
  • Matabeleland North Organizing Committee (hosts of the 2017 Revised Zimbabwe National Youth Games in August)
  • Midlands Provincial Sport Development Committee
  • Midlands Local Organizing Committee
  • Zimbabwe Olympic Committee
  • Zimbabwe National Paralympic Committee
  • Presidents and Competition Directors of the 22 Games Sport Code Associations
  • General Managers of the 10 Geographical Provincial Teams
  • General Managers of 7 Virtual Provincial Teams ((ZRP, ZNA, ZPCS, AFZ, Tertiary Institutions, Vocational Institutions and Agricultural Institutes)
  • The media

“The 2 day Assembly is expected to deal with the following business:

  • Review the 2017 Mashonaland Central Edition Paralympic Games,
  • Review the 2017 Matabeleland North Edition Youth Games,
  • Consider and approve sport codes for the 2018 Midlands Edition Games,
  • Consider and adopt 2018 Midlands Games Hosting Plan encompassing Games Sport Codes, Sport Venues, Accommodation Plan, and Financing Plan.

“It is therefore important for all key stakeholders to attend this important gathering where we are reviewing the 2017 National Games Editions to learn vital lessons which will be used as the basis to reconfigure the Games Hosting Template, determine Minimum Qualification Standards and approve accommodation and sport venues for the 2018 Games”, said Martin Dururu the Games Project Manager.

The evaluation of the Games will be preceded by a 2 day workshop for the SRC and Ministry of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture Provincial Officers and will cover such aspects like defining the complimentary roles between the SRC and the Ministry of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture, how to effectively organize community sport and recreation programmes.

“Since the advent of the Community Sport and Recreation Development and Promotion Programme, it has become absolutely necessary that the complimentary roles of the SRC and the Ministry of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture be defined clearly so that the communities in which the Officers operate are appraised as to how best to maximize on the expertise resident within both structures.

“This workshop is meant to strengthen the capacities of Provincial Officers so they can create an enabling environment for implementing structures including community sport clubs, sport associations, schools, uniformed services, tertiary institutions, NGOs and other delivery agents resulting in more qualitative programming for the benefit of all communities and the nation as a whole”, Dururu added.


The workshop shall be facilitated by programme design staff from the head offices of the SRC and the Ministry of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture.