The Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) appointed the new Annual National Sports Awards (ANSA) Judges panel which will be led by veteran broadcaster Steve Vickers and he will be deputized by Joyce Kapota. Other members of the Judges Committee are Stephen Mudawarima, Lovemore Dube, Ginny Ross, Ignatius Vambe and Witness Magulula complete the panel.
The panel of Judges was appinted in line with the ANSA Policy which compels the SRC to appoint a separate independent Committee to adjudicate over the nominations that would have been submitted by the National Sport Associations. Apart from the Nominations the SRC also maintains a tracking report of all the athletes and teams.
Addressing the Panel of Judges SRC Director General Prince Mupazviriho implored the committee to be as diligent and processional as possible as this was a national duty. “You were appointed on the strength of your track record in sport and we have no doubt that you will be able to measure upto the expectations.
“As the SRC we shall not interfere with your work we would want the adjucation process to be as transparent and open as possible. We will render all the necessary support that you will require. As you go about your work, it is also important for me to bring it to your attention that the results of your work feeds into the Regional Annual Sport Awards (RASA) and as a nation we have done exceptionally well since their inception in 2016 and we would want to surpass the achievements we made previously”, said Mupazviriho.
In acepting the appointment, the members pledged to work hard and deliver results which will not be contested.
The 2019 ANSA Awards ceremony will be held on 29 January 2020 in Harare. Previous winners include the current Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation Hon. Dr Kirsty Coventry, Bredon de Jong, Samson Muripo, Charles Manyuchi, Stephen Muzhingi, Cara Black, Elliot Mujaji and others. The Awards which are meant to celebrate and honour outstanding performance have been bankrolled by the Government through the Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation and Delta Corporation. Other sponsors who have also come on board include Teerchaz Furnitures. As SRC we are appealing for for more sponsors to also partner us so that together we can deliver high quality Awards commensurate with their level.