By Tirivashe Nheweyembwa

National Sport Associations which are not operating in line with the Sports and Recreation Commission Act Chapter 25:15 of 1991 (revised in 1996) are going to face disciplinary action soon this was revealed by the Chairman of the Sports and Recreation Commission Commissioner Edward Siwela recently when the Supreme Sports Controlling body met with the Presidents of the National Sport Associations.


During the no holds barred meeting, it was revealed that 17 National Sport Associations were totally non compliant with the SRC Act, while 29 were said have been partially compliant and only 11 were fully compliant.


“This is worrisome and it reflects badly on the leadership of the National Sport Associations. We are going to institute hearings for the 17 National Sport Associations that are in total violation of the SRC Act while those who are partially complaint have up to 30 November 2017 to put their house in order.


“Compliance with the dictates of the law is not an option for the leadership of the National Sport Associations, rather it is one of the tools that is used to measure their effectiveness and corporate governance framework”, Siwela said.


It is a requirement in terms of the SRC Act that all National Sport Associations to submit to the SRC no later the 31st of March of each year the following documents:

  1. The Annual Report
  2. Annual Audited Financial Statements of the previous year
  3. Annual Calendar of Events
  4. Annual membership of the Association
  5. Sportsman levy

According to the Sports and Recreation Commission the following National Sport Associations are fully compliant:

  1. Zimbabwe Archery Federation
  2. Zimbabwe Equestrian Federation
  3. Zimbabwe Karate Union
  4. Zimbabwe Ladies Golf Union
  5. Zimbabwe Motor Sports Federation
  6. Rowing Association of Zimbabwe
  7. Triathlon Zimbabwe
  8. National Darts Federation
  9. Zimbabwe Olympic Committee
  10. Bowls Zimbabwe and
  11. Zimbabwe Volleyball Association

Commissioner Siwela applauded the 11 National Sport Associations which were fully compliant with the Act and urged others to also emulate them.

The following National Sport Associations were said to be completely non compliant with the SRC Act and these were:

  1. Zimbabwe Aerobics Association
  2. Zimbabwe Chess Federation
  3. Zimbabwe Association of Sport for the Blind (ZASOB)
  4. Zimbabwe Gymnastics
  5. Zimbabwe Handball Federation
  6. Zimbabwe Pool Association
  7. Sailing Association of Zimbabwe
  8. Zimbabwe Wrestling Federation
  9. Air Sports Federation of Zimbabwe
  10. Zimbabwe Baseball Association
  11. Zimbabwe Kickboxing Association
  12. Zimbabwe Snow Sport Association
  13. Zimbabwe Softball Association
  14. Zimbabwe International Taekwondo Association
  15. Association of International Taekwondo  of Zimbabwe
  16. Weightlifting Federation of Zimbabwe

The remainder of the National Sport Associations was in partial compliance with the law and Commissioner Siwela implored them to engage SRC Management so they could be assisted to regularize their papers.

“We have said before that the National Sport Associations need to engage a registered Public Accountant to look at their books and certify them however it is not pleasing that out of 29 partially complaint National Sport Associations, only 3 had submitted their audited financial statement.

“This does not board well for the leadership of the National Sport Associations and corrective action has to be taken in order to ensure that there is confidence in the sport sector” added Siwela.


The meeting of the Presidents of the National Sport Associations was instituted by the SRC this year as a measure to strengthen the leadership capacities of the National Sport Associations.