The Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) will be meeting with the Secretary Generals of National Sport Association in Harare to deliberate on the following  issues which include the verification of the Governance compliance by the National Sport Association, the Decentralization sport structures  and the preparation for the Annual National Awards (ANSA).


This meeting comes after the NSAs Presidents meeting with the SRC Board at which it was revealed that 17 National Sport Associations were totally none compliant with the SRC Act, 29 were partially complaint while 11 were fully compliant with the Act. The Chairman of the SRC Board then directed that all the 17 non compliant National Sport Associations were to appear before Hearings for possible action against them in line with the law while the 29 partially compliant NSAs were given up to 30 November to put their house in order or they were to face disciplinary action.


“Following the statement which was issued by the Chairman of the SRC to the effect that the SRC was to deregister non compliant NSAs, as Management we can confirm that a some National Sport Associations came forward with their statutory returns as part of the regularization process.


“It is however worrisome that some National Sport Associations want to be coerced to submit the statutory returns. It should be noted that the SRC Board will go ahead and arraign those National Sport Associations which remain in defiance of this regulatory requirement, it is there absolutely necessary and important for all the Secretary Generals of National Sport Associations to attend this meeting as this is an opportunity for them to seek clarification and regularize their returns”, said Tirivashe Nheweyembwa.


The NSAs shall also be briefed on the preparations for the Annual National Sport Awards which are slated for 13 December 2017 in Harare.


“The Annual National Sport Awards will take place in Harare under the theme, ‘Striving for Excellence’; it must also be made overtly clear that these awards are meant for the athletes and officials who would have excelled in the various sporting competitions across the globe. It is in this light that we are encouraging the National Sport Associations to submit their nominations to us no later than 3 November 2017.


“Nominations have to be made by the National Sport Associations since they are the ones who know the various competition that their athletes would have participated in  and the level of the competition. As SRC we also track on all the athletes and officials but it is always best that the athletes are nominated by the National Sport Associations since they are the custodians of the various sport codes”, added Nheweyembwa.


National Sport Associations will also be asked to update the meeting on how far they have gone in decentralizing their sport codes to all the districts and wards in the country.


“Decentralization is the cornerstone to the growth and development of any sport code, as a nation we cannot talk about development if our National Sport Associations shun grassroots. Grassroots sports  is like the foundation of a house, if it is shaky that house will be wiped off in times of a storm, equally the same we cannot dream of attaining world class performance if our selection process is restricted to a chosen few hence it is clarion call to all the National Sport Associations  to strive by all means necessary to ensure that everyone is given the opportunity to partake in sporting activities of their choice and this can only be achieved if the National Sport Associations have structures which drill down to the wards”, Nheweyembwa said.


It is in the same spirit that the National Sport Associations will be requested to submit their National Calendar of Events, their plan of action for 2018 and budgets.


The meeting will be chaired by the SRC Acting Director General and will start at 0900Hrs at the SRC offices.