The Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) will conduct the Zimbabwe national Paralympic and Youth Games General Assembly in Gweru from 12 -13 April. The business of the Games General Assembly will be to transact on the following issues:

  1. To do an inspection tour of the sport competition and accommodation facilities to be used during the Games period.
  2. To assess the Local Organizing Committee’s (LOC) state of preparedness to host the Games
  3. To receive and consider the Games General rules, Games Dispute Resolution and Disciplinary procedures
  4. Determine and agree on the number of sport codes to participate in the Games.
  5. To agree on the age groups
  6. Consider and adopt the Games programme and duration
  7. To propose the signing of MoUs with National Sport Associations

The Assembly comes at a time when the Games have been expanded in scope our hope is that out of the Assembly a number of landmark decisions will be made to ameliorate the challenges that have occurred in the past challenges. Our wish is to have financially viable and logistically seamless Games that are capable of attracting corporate partnerships from all angles. Such a scenario can only happen if we march and step at the same pace with the participating provinces, LOC and other stakeholders.

All the key drivers of the Games have to be proactive and this Assembly is one way of checking if we marching and stepping simultaneously.  We are anticipating that far reaching measures will be taken so that the Games become an envy of many in the region and beyond. Our view is that the Games athletes and officials must always be looking forward to them and this is possible if we change some areas. We are also going to use the Games to gauge the state of readiness to participate in the AUSC Region 5 Under 20 Youth Games set for December this year in Botswana so its business unusual this time around.

“It is our hope that we will also be able to sign MoUs with the National Sport Associations so that the roles between us and them become clearer on who does what and with what resources.

“During the Games Assembly we are also going to ensure that we agree on the participation fees which must be reasonable and viable, LOC must present a Marketing plan showing how they will leverage on the Games in as far resourcing it is concerned.  The athletes must enjoy the Games and this means that areas like catering and accommodation have to be on point.  While we appreciate that other fundraising efforts are being undertaken, it is our considered view that the Games should not be burdensome to the LOC and this is only achievable if the participating provinces pay affordable but reasonable participation fees just as it is done at the African Union Sports Council Region 5 Under 20 Youth Games and even the African Games or any other sport competition “said Tirivashe Nheweyembwa.

The Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation Hon. Kazembe Kazembe (MP) is expected to officially open the Games Assembly on 13 April 2018. Also in attendance will be the Minister of State for Provincial Affairs for the Midlands Hon. Owen Ncube (MP). The Games Assembly will be attended by the members of the LOC, Provincial General Managers, Sport Competition Directors, Ministry of Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation officials, Local Authorities from the Midlands Province Zimbabwe National Paralympic Committee National Executive member in charge of Technical.