This is a Partnership Program that seeks to elevate or magnify the role played by investors in sport while ensuring that they maximise their return on investment. PUBLIC – PRIVATE PARTNERS of Sport 2017-2019 SPORTS AND RECREATION COMMISSION

Sports and Recreaon Commission Programmes and Events.

Community Sport Development Programme ; Youth Educaon through Sport Programme ( YES); Zimbabwe Naonal Paralympics Games; Zimbabwe Naonal Youths Games ; Annual Naonal Sports Awards; Hall of Fame; Sports Educaon Programmes (Execuve Diploma in Sports Management, Diploma in Sports Studies, and other tailor made short courses.) SRC Chairman’s Corporate Golf Day. Naonal Teams Programmes 6. Sports and Recreaon Sponsorship

(Above $ 50 000 per annum)

Principal Partners have the highest level of association with the SRC and all SRC programmes and Events as well as playing a wider role in supporting the development of sport programmes around the country from grassroots right up to the top level of competitions.

($ 15 000  < $50 000 per programme)

Programme sponsors have the right to SRC event hosting. The main rights for a sponsor in this area are brand association. The use of selected marketing assets and media exposure as well as hospitality offers for the programmes.

($ 5 000‐ < $15 000 per event)

Event supporters level, allowing companies with interest in the event product to promote an associaon in the domesc market.

($ 2000 < $5000)

Local donors level is the final level of the SRC sponsorship structure allowing small local companies in host cites and provinces to leave a mark on the domesticc market.