Following the Sports and Recreation Commission’s (SRC) separate meetings with the Zimbabwe Netball Association and Rainbow Netball League yesterday, the following were the outcomes:

  1. That the Zimbabwe Netball Association was going to amend its constitution and bylaws so that they accommodate the registration of the leagues which will have separate League Management Committees that will be accountable to ZINA. ZINA as the custodians of Netball in the country will supervise all the Leagues under its purview
  2. That the Rainbow Netball League was to apply for registration with the Zimbabwe Netball Association in line with the established ZINA procedures and to copy the SRC.
  3. The SRC is to facilitate for a meeting with the two Bodies’ Lawyers in order for the two to have a common ground.
  4. In the interim the Rainbow Netball League is not going to use its name until such time that it is registered with the Zimbabwe Netball Association and it will only confine its activities at community level.

In view of the above, it is the SRC’s expectation is that the process of registering Rainbow league will not take an inordinate amount time to register, It is therefore incumbent upon the Zimbabwe Netball Association to ensure that the process of registering the League is expedited.

We must also bring it to the attention of the public that once the Zimbabwe Netball Association constitution is amended, the amendments will have to be registered by the SRC Board in terms of the Sports and Recreation Commission Act. In the meantime the activities of the Rainbow will continue.

It is hoped that the above action will bring sanity in the running of Netball but we must also make it overt that the Zimbabwe Netball Association remains the registered with the Sports and Recreation Commission and this position has not changed.

Rainbow League had been operating without registration from the Zimbabwe Netball Association and this had caused discomfort within the Zimbabwe Netball Association hence the SRC had to step in and mediate the impasse.