The Sports and Recreation Commission met with the National Sport Associations Presidents over the weekend and the following issues were deliberated upon:

  1. Registration and Compliance status
  2. Sport and Recreation Colours Control Policy and
  3. The role of Corporate Governance in Sport Organizations

The Acting Director General Joseph Muchechetere gave an overview of the Governance and Compliance status of the National Sport Associations and he reported that there were 28 National Sport Associations which were fully compliant, while 20 were partially complaint and 11 were totally non-compliant with the Sports and Recreation Commission Act.

“This is an improvement and we hope that those who are partially compliant will submit their statutory returns in the near future so that we have everyone being fully compliant. On the overall we are satisfied that our call to have the National Sport Associations being compliant with the Sport and Recreation Commission Act and the Statutory Instrument is bearing fruit.

As the Regulator of the Sports and Recreation Sector we will continue to engage those National Sport Associations which are either partially compliant or not compliant so that they all become compliant with the laws of the land. The engagement process will be done on one on one meetings” Muchechetere said.

National Sport Associations were urged to pay the Annual Levy which is pegged at $4 per person per year.

The meeting was also introduced to the new National Sport Associations which were recently registered with the SRC and these are Dodgeball Association of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Chess – Boxing Association, Zimbabwe Schools Coaches Association and Zimbabwe Wood ball Federation.

During the same meeting, a presentation on the National Sport and Recreation policy was made by the SRC’s Director Business Development and Marketing Mr Daniel Kuwengwa, though it’s scope was well received, it was resolved that the policy should be circulated to the National Sport Associations for their further input and once that is done the SRC Board will then proceed and approve it.

The SRC was going to come up with a Road map for the National Sport and Recreation strategy which was going to be shared with the National Sport Associations once it has been ratified by the Board.  The National Sport and Recreation Strategy seeks to operationalize the National Sport and Recreation Policy which was put together in 2016 by the Government and the SRC was tasked by the Government to develop the strategy and will be consulting a wide of stakeholders to elicit their views.

SRC Board Chairman Commissioner Edward Siwela also made a presentation on Corporate Governance for National Sport Association in his presentation he touched on the need for National Sport Associations to adhere to the tenets of good corporate Governance, develop and entrench entrepreneurial skills which will help them effectively and efficiently run their Associations.

The meeting was attended by 33 Presidents of the National Sport Association