Youth Sport Exchange Programme (YSEP)

The Sports and Recreation Commission recognizes volunteers as the ‘life blood’ of the sports industry not only in Zimbabwe but the world over. To this end the SRC is a partner in a network of organizations that promote the development of youth leaders in sport through a volunteer exchange programme. The Youth Sport Exchange Programme (YSEP) brings together SRC Zimbabwe, Zambia and Namibia, CHRISC Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda and Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee and Confederation of Sport (NIF) Norway. Every year Zimbabwe sends two volunteers for twelve months attachment to Norway and another two volunteers for attachment within Africa for one year. In return SRC hosts Norwegians and other volunteers from the South- South exchange for one year.

The YSEP programme has over the years helped to expose SRC volunteers from both the urban and remote rural parts of the country who have been formally absorbed into the employment of the SRC and the sports industry at large. Some of the former Volunteers are Newstein Chipoya who is now the Provincial Sport Coordinator for Harare Province, Tellmore Chibanda Mashonaland East Provincial Sport Coordinator, Isaiah Mpofu Regional Manager North, Lindsay Tazvivinga Provincial Administration Clerk Mashonaland Central and others so far over 50 young people have benefited from this programme. Participants in this programme should be working in various SRC programmes and should be below the age of 25