At independence in 1980, government set up the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture to look at the needs of the sports sector and a Sports Council was also put in place to regulate and foster the Development of sport in Zimbabwe. In 1989 a Commission of inquiry into the organization of sport in Zimbabwe was appointed by His Excellency President Robert Mugabe to look at how sport was being managed then, make recommendations on how best it was to be improved. It was through the observations and recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry that the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) was created by an Act of Parliament, the SRC Act Chapter 25:15 of 1991 revised in 1996.


The Sports and Recreation Commission succeeded the Sports Council in 1991 and its is mandate is to:

To promote, coordinate, control, develop and foster the activities of sport and recreation

To ensure the proper administration of organizations undertaking the promotion of sport

To promote the highest standards of sportsmanship

To authorize national and international sporting and recreational activities

To advise the Government of the needs of sport and recreation;

To endeavour to ensure that opportunities for sport and recreation are made available to all persons in Zimbabwe

To endeavour to provide coaches, instructors and courses for sports, either free or on the payment of reasonable fees

To determine, grant and supervise national sports awards to outstanding sportspersons and sports administrators.

To assist registered national associations, registered clubs, schools, colleges and universities in the recruitment of coaches and instructors

To endeavour to ensure that recreational facilities are established in such work places as the Board considers appropriate

To establish, maintain and operate establishments for the accommodation of visiting sports teams or recreational clubs, or groups of persons engaged in furtherance of the purposes of the SRC Act

To undertake special projects, with the approval of the Minister, including fund raising, marketing and trading activities, in furtherance of the purposes of the Act

To negotiate with registered clubs and registered national associations to ensure that recreational facilities are fully utilized

To oversee training programmes for sportspersons

To develop, supervise and manage sporting facilities

To encourage the production of sporting goods